Saturday, July 26, 2008

Modifikasi Tiger Revo

Not many changes that were carried out by the AHM side when ended Honda Tiger 2000 and changed him with Honda Tiger Revo. Moreover the change that was carried out by AHM in the appearance could be counted in a next manner the hands. But evidently this change was effective enough, especially in the eyes of the layman. The change that most was seen clear was in the form of the panel, that earlier minimalist, currently to more maximalist in fact could be said to resembled Honda CBF 250. The CW rim fitting and disc brakes behind indeed appear at first glance the simple step, but that has been enough to make the Tiggy Revo appearance become solider. The suspension behind the standard was replaced by the suspension of Cushion Water, made the motor to seldom was seen hi-tech. With the change that was carried out this made Tiger Revo had tampilan that was frightening enough and the authority especially in the motor equal lai him that of the same class.